I am a web designer, developer, writer and photographer.

My career on the web started nearly 20 years ago while working as a radio journalist when I initiated, and oversaw the maintenance of, one of the first websites for a daily news programme on the BBC World Service.

Since then I’ve worked for various organisations including BBC News Online and Global Voices Online as well as maintaining personal websites for more than a decade.

I consolidated my experience by studying Web Design Technologies at London’s Birkbeck University. Technology moves on, and so does my skill-set.

Why choose me to craft your website? Because in addition to development and design skills, my training and experience as a communicator and analyst of information enables the optimum transformation of your ideas into web reality.

In my spare time I am an enthusiastic member of the greatest social network on the internet, Ravelry. The beauty of its databases have been known to reduce me to tears of joy. Photography is also a major interest. My terrier and I share many characteristics (tenacity, shaggy hair, enthusiasm, love of food, loyalty) but I do not bark.